Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Dream

Hail Everyone!

I just wanted to do a blog post about a dream I had recently (7/25-7/26/09) which struck me as significant. Before we really start, I would just like to state that this is not the first time I have had dreams of this nature...but it is the first time that I have felt it so vividly.

To set the scene, I was having trouble sleeping that night because I had received no contact from my boyfriend over the day from when we had hung up over twelve hours prior. My sleep was very sporadic, probably due to worry [I would sleep for an hour and then stay up for 15 minutes before returning to the same shallow sleep]. I had been awake from the last round of shallow sleep for about 30 minutes when I finally fell into a sleep before this dream occurred:

I lay in my bed, wracked with worry. I slowly started to become aware of some presence in my quarters, and for I second I lay there in contemplation. I definitely would not characterize the presence as threatening, but definitely intense or powerful. I finally decide to roll over and look up, and as I do I see the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon. Her skin was so fair it looked almost as if it were crafted of snow; her blond hair was equally as fair, and fell around shoulder length. Her body exuded a strength that would make a woman almost masculine, yet retained a sultry kind of femininity to it...like she was built equally for war and love. Around her was draped a cloak of feathers, which looked to belong to some predatory bird. She looked at me as I stared, mesmerized by the amazing person before me. The second she appeared, aside from being totally captivated, I felt very calmed...protected, even. She moved her lips to speak to me, and though I do not recall what she said, her voice was like an amazing operatic alto- strong, deep...belonging to a powerful woman.

I realized shortly after that she was not alone. Beside her stood an equally beautiful man of closely the same description. He had an antler in his hand, though his garments certainly had a place for a sword on the belt. He seemed equally as powerful, though he did not have an overly strong masculine energy- perhaps he was a bringer of peace, as well as a warrior. They both seemed to embody sexuality, as well as the willingness to fight [the woman almost more than the man].

I simply stared at these two, studying every feature I could make out. They felt so very corporeal, as if I could touch them and they would have physical mass. These were not spirits who simply came to visit, but things of a much greater magnitude if they could legitimately manifest a physical form.

And then I woke up instantly, feeling as if I had never fallen asleep. The two had just been so amazingly real that I believed they were standing in my room. I certainly thought I knew who the pair were, because I spoke to names from out of my semi-conscious mouth- Freyja...Freyr. I do not normally like to share these experiences, but they struck me as so profound and real that I felt the need to record them, if not for academic usage, at least for my memory. I am not claiming any connection or endearment by these Gods as of yet, further meditation and ritual experience is surely needed. I am also not claiming my jumbled, hazy mind produced the correct names (although, the antler definitely seems Freyr, while the cloak is an attribute of Freyja).

Having now recorded this dream, I am going to sign out. Freyfaxi is approaching, as well as August's Full Moon. I will have two rituals posted soon, as well as two reflections. Hopefully you are enjoying my blog as much as I am. Also, thanks to my boyfriend for the graphic banner that is currently the banner for my blog.

Until next time,

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